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I then has to swallow my pride and ask my parents to help us Financially in which my parents had to sign a Form sent directly from the BCAO to show that they did help us with money to pay rent and utilities and for food.

And during these times of Financial Hardships, I have never misrepresented myself in any way, shape or form or falsified information in order to obtain State Aid to which I was not Entitled. My household qualified for Aid as was shown in the tax returns, shown per request by intake at the BCAO along with pay stubs, invoices, and Banking Statements which were sent via Fax, mail, and going directly into the BCAO.

We have block-booked 40 rooms at The Clayton Hotel who are offering some discounts to delegates for various lengths of stay between the Sunday night and the Friday night (including offers with breakfast included); these are all subject to availability and can only be obtained by calling the reservations team directly between h and h UK time on: 442920668866 (or from inside the UK on 029 2066 8866).

The block booking code to be used for your booking is 549200.

January 5, 2010, I resided in Bucks County to receive Medical Treatment that could only be found in Philadelphia. I also had to provide my Medical records to show that I was unable to work.

I was involved in a terrible accident which had left me severely Disabled unable to provide a desperately needed second income.

I reported this to Clarissa Evans and this is PRECISELY when she cried Fraud. An Investigator came to our Apartment in which both my husband and I spoke to him, showed him everything that we provided the BCAO and then he questioned why he was even there to begin with. It is my Firm belief that because of the Discord between Clarissa Evans and I, because I reported her behavior to Joanne Glover of the DPW that Clarissa Evans took it upon herself to behave like some kind of De mi God feeling in control in what we were receiving to get by.

Our household was still struggling and both my husband and I both faced the unknown because now, we had not one penny to our name.

The nearest and recommended airport for arrival by air is Cardiff International Airport (CWL) with transport from the CWL listed here; CWL is connected to hundreds of destinations worldwide via Amsterdam, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and Dublin International Airports with several connecting flights each day from/to CWL.

In addition, Bristol Airport (BRS) is the next closest (with some transport links to Cardiff), and Birmingham Airport (BHX - but reaching Cardiff is not straightforward from BHX) and for those coming in from London (e.g.

Do not bother asking for another Case worker either. I had found out through some random letter sent to me by some random Lawyer who practiced Law in Bucks County.

I was so beside myself, I could not believe what I was reading so I had made some inquiries and found that I was in fact being charged and the person behind this? Lair an Investigator of the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Why I asked because I did nothing wrong, I gave Clarissa Evans everything that she needed and I know that we most certainly qualified. It also became very apparent that this James Lair didn't want to hear anything that I had to say on the phone.

Bookings can also be made by E-Mailing [email protected] [email protected]– however, bookings are not confirmed until after the hotel does so in writing – whereas a booking over the phone can be confirmed while on the phone.

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