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"The first time she didn't say exactly what happened, the second time she came a little bit closer to saying what happened, but the third time is when she told the full disclosure," says her mother. The investigation continued, but it was still three more years before Kennedy was charged.Don Stienburg, who runs the Halifax police sexual assault investigation team, says about assault cases involving child victims. Don Stienburg, who runs the Halifax police sexual assault investigation team, says investigators have to be careful when questioning children.They cannot lead them, but they also have to obtain enough evidence to make a charge stick."But he didn't like big girls, like how my sister, eight years older than me, was." It was the first of what she says were repeated sexual assaults that continued from the time she was four until she was nine, sparking a lengthy journey for justice.Thirteen years after the abuse began, Darren Julian Kennedy was charged, and he recently pleaded guilty to sexual assault.The Crown and defence have jointly asked for a sexual assessment to determine Kennedy's risk to reoffend.

Both Kennedy and his lawyer, Chris Manning, declined to comment for this story. It could happen again, any day, any time," she says.The 52-year-old returns to Halifax provincial court on March 1 for sentencing. He'd try and get me to touch him inappropriately and stuff like that," says the girl, whose identity is protected by a court-ordered publication ban.The girl and her mother are now sharing their story in hopes it will help other sexual assault survivors, but also out of concern for how long the police investigation took before Kennedy was finally charged.The girl's mother had met Kennedy through a telephone chatline."We had talked on the phone for many many hours before I met him," says the mother, who cannot be identified in order to protect her daughter."It's probably one of the most difficult types of investigations you can do," he says, noting his investigators receive special training.

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