Qbdate dating

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Qbdate dating

They do not contain new features, but rather fix existing ones.The 0.2 version, for example, saw two revisions right at the same day the original version was released, because not enough testing went into a new feature and it behaved wrong in exceptional cases.

Warning: This documentation is updated while qb's development goes on.It will change to 1 once I consider qb to be serious competition to Wordpress; feature-wise, not with regards to security bugs. numbers advance every time a major step in development has been finished.This can be one or more new features, internal restructuring of the code, or both.If you are reading this file online, keep in mind that the information herein describes qb's current "bleeding edge" Git version.If you downloaded a release tarball, please refer to the that's included there instead.New minor versions are expected to come up every few months.

If something goes wrong in a number increased by one.

Details about the changes between various versions are available in the changelog.

The versioning scheme is quite simple: version is 0, meaning that qb is not feature-complete enough and the internal architecture is not fixed enough yet to be considered a "complete" product.

If you're running Apache, you may want to move the qb is still far from complete (although it does everything that's currently implemented quite well), therefore its version number is still below 1.0.

For those interested, here's an overview of the versions that already existed, why they were called that way and what's going to come up next.

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