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Speed dating jewish israeli singles - where to sext online

A phony Iran, Syrian and Ukrainian war leading to a phony World War Three threatening the very survival of mankind is next if we don't stop the insanity.

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I, DELWYN LOUNSBURY THE DEFLATION GURU, am an Eagle Scout who is loyal, truthful, honest and trustworthy to you. Fearless Alternate Media Author, Truth Teller, Survivalist and Champion of the Freedom and Liberty Movement.

They will fall but not before Russia nakes a stand. And of course, if Syria is defeated, Iran and the elimination of their oil-for-gold sales, which undermines the Petro-Your future, your fortune and your soul are at risk.

Since the Inauguration, I have learned that the Deep State is bigger than any President.

Get your FREE report now – for a limited time This article was syndicated by Elliott Wave International and was originally published under the headline This Indicators' 30-Year Track Record is Flashing Red for Stocks.

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Obama's legacy will be trillions of wasted stimulus spending, grotesque government growth and over 1,000 dictatorial executive orders - many unconstitutional - most illegal - all socialist and/or communist.

Working for his elite Rothschild handlers, Obama has led us to the brink of economic collapse and planned coup by Zionist bankster oligarchs who already control both political parties in America..

It would take the majority of our citizens getting on bended knee and asking for forgiveness and direction from the ONE who has turned his back upon us.

And what do you think the odds of that happpening are?

The world is a blink of an eye from being under total domination to Satan’s best representatives on the planet.

A total in-your-face economic dictatorship is within the grasp of the New World Order crowd.

Mark of the Beast) currency would save national governments between 10-15% GDP on their related economic costs.

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