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In Feb 1984 Andropov died and was succeeded by Konstantin Chernenko who in turn died on Mar. Gorbachev also established Glasnost (openness) as well as Perestroika (restructuring and reform). 1986 a meltdown in the reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukraine sent radioactive fallout across northern Europe. 1987 the USSR and USA signed the Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF). 1988 a dispute erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh which resulted in mass demonstrations and strikes in the two republics. 1988 an earthquake in Armenia killed some 50,000 people. 1989 troops violently repressed demonstrations in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. 1989 the Lithuanian Parliament adopted multiparty politics. 1990 Gorbachev visited Lithuania and was met by some 250,000 pro-independence demonstrators. 1990 some 18 people were killed in riots over housing discrimination in Tajikistan.In May 1990 Boris Yeltsin was elected President of the Russian Federation and on Nov.

DEMOGRAPHIC/VITAL STATISTICS: Density; 40 persons per sq km (103 persons per sq mi) (1993). Age Breakdown; 43% under 15, 28% 15 to 29, 14% 30 to 44, 9% 45 to 59, 4% 60 to 74, 2% 75 and over (1989). 1956 the Soviet Red Army invaded Hungary to quell uprisings.

In the same month troops were being deployed in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova. 21, 1991 the coup collapsed as troops were ordered to return to their barracks. In March 1992 demonstrations took place with protesters demanding the dissolution of the Supreme Soviet, Nabiyev's resignation, a new constitution and multiparty elections. Nabiyev was forced to resign and was succeeded by Akbarshah Iskandarov as acting President of a government dominated by Islamic and democratic parties. 1992 fighting escalated with Dushanbe briefly held by forces loyal to Nabiyev. The government announced assurances of their safety, although very few returned. MAIN EXPORTS: Coal, Minerals Ore, Petroleum, Processed Foods and Meat, Textiles.

Immediately following the unsuccessful coup many republics suspended or purged the communist party and on Sept. On May 11, 1992 an agreement was reached on the establishment of government of national reconciliation, although fighting broke out the next day. ECONOMY: Gross National Product; USD ,671,500,000 (1993). TRANSPORT: Railroads; route length 891 km (554 mi) (1990), passenger-km 9,808,000,000 (6,094,000,000 passenger-mi) (1990), cargo ton-km 11,121,000,000 (7,617,000,000 short ton-mi) (1990).

CLIMATE: Tajikistan has a continental climate with hot summers and severe cold winters.

Average annual precipitation varies from 150 mm (6 inches) along the upper reaches of the Amu-Darya to 250 to 380 mm (10 to 15 inches) elsewhere.

If external migration will remain on the previous year level, the population will be declined by 26,180 due to the migration reasons.

It means that the number of people who leave Tajikistan to settle permanently in another country (emigrants) will prevail over the number of people who move into the country (to which they are not native) in order to settle there as permanent residents (immigrants).During 2018 Tajikistan population is projected to increased by 201,014 people and reach 9,166,841 in the beginning of 2019.The natural increase is expected to be positive, as the number of births will exceed the number of deaths by 227,194.You can browse Chat Hour members in other locations by clicking here.If you are looking for Tajikistan chat room, please click Tajikistan Chat.5, 1991 after 3 days of debate the 74 years of centralized communist control came to an end.

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