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Webcam sex only line tempo real - what are your views on online dating

Lee and I went into the bathroom and we put a small dollop of lube near the entrance to our cunts.We looked at each other with a level of sheer excitement and both of us were ready for our holes to be hammered. We had cocks going from one of us to the other, we were DP'd on three occasions, we were filmed and had slutty photos taken, we moaned and groaned in ecstacy, pashed each other off as cock after cock entered us.

We also found most tops love bottoms that clean their cocks for them after they have cum.

We both decided we would not put out lube as we did not want our holes full of lube, we wanted our holes full of seed and after our first breeding we would be lubed anyway. I wore my black leather g-strong and Lee had on a black silk one. One guy asked f we minded if he got one of the vguys to film us on his phone when he was fucking us. I told them we were both there to totally satisfy them and except for blood and scat they could use us as they saw fit.

I had dragged my fuck bench into the loungeroom, covered the lounge and put two large plastic sheets on the floor.

Lee and I sat up and both of us butt plugged our cunts to keep as much seed in us to absorb as possible.

Now we are planning our next and several of the guys have texted to say they will be back. And The next thing I knew I went into a coma, I spend 22 days in a coma, When a woke up from the coma, I saw all this equipment around me There was a hose in my mouth to make me breathe, There was IV hoses in both arms, To bring me fluids and nutrients, My arms and legs had heavy leather restrains on them making any movement impossible, There was a Catheter hose in my dick, There was a long hose that was in my anus, I had hoses in every hole, I did not know where I was, The Black Doctors came in wearing protective gear, And a face mask, I tried to speak, But I couldn't, They were talking between them, Saying we could try this and that, Than the male nurse came in, He said I know your scared and frightened, The Black Doctors are the best here , I have to check all your hoses, He grabbed my dick, And I started to struggle, The male nurse said calm down, I going to give you something to calm you down, And took a hypodermic needle and added it to my IV lines, I immediately felt high, And did not care what the male nurse was doing, He checked my Catheter, And He then unhooked the restrains that were on my legs, He pushed a button on the bed and it started to move my legs up in the air, Exposing my anus, He checked the hose that was going into my ass, He moved it around and then I felt a buzzing deep in my gut, And I was asleep, That night I had a night mare, I was being Fucked by Black Cocks, One right after another, When I woke up, All I could feel was my ass buzzing, The next day the Black Doctors took the breathing hoses out of my mouth, And took the restraints off of me, They checked the urine bag for out put, And the Black Doctor said something about the white fluid that was floating in the urine bag, And smiled, He told the Black Male nurse to repeat the procedure again tonight, I asked what the procedure was for, The Male nurse said The doctors well tell you about procedure, That night the Black nurse came in and said are you ready for your procedure ?

By 9 pm - we had 11 men - all fairly chilled - six had previously fucked me and four of them had previously bred Lee, so a great level of the awkwardness was taken out of the start of proceedings.

I had put towels all through the living room, porn on the TV and music was playing.

I straddled his cock and Lee attended to his balls and shaft just like I had been doing.

In five minutes the guttural groan told me here comes another precious load of seed and his cock started to pulse in my hole.

The tops all had average to large cocks and several of them blew them twice or more. My hole lips were starting to get puffy and a bit cock sore, but I actually love that.

Only one guy left after his first blow as he had to go somewhere. Nothing nicer for me than your hole feeling totally wrecked by cock.

A Steel Puppy Cage, Trainer Shock Collar, Electro sex Gear, Chastity Devices, Whips and Floggers, Medical Instruments, Milking Machine, Fetish Clothing, A wood Saint Andrews Cross, And a king size Bed was over in one corner of the room, There was Video equipment, And all kinda of Equipment that I had never seen, Lee and I messaged and chatted and he came over to my apartment in the week before our sexcapade and it was somewhat strange.

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